Our Wellness Plans (FAQs)

With our pay-by-installment Wellness Plans, you can provide annual preventive veterinary care to your pet with convenient monthly billing to your payment card (Visa, Mastercard, or Visa Debit) over a 12-month period. With monthly installment payments, you can budget your regular veterinary costs over the entire year. There are Plans available for puppies, kittens, young adults and seniors. To view details of these plans, hover your cursor over Services above, then hover your cursor over Wellness Plans – select the Plan of interest and click to view. Or, click on the appropriate link below.

With your pet’s enrollment in a Wellness Plan, you receive a 5% discount on various Royal Canin Life Stages Maintenance foods (when purchased for that pet). See details of Plans for additional discounts and services. For pets between 8 weeks and 4 yrs in age, Wellness Plans also include a six (6) week free trial of Pet Insurance, with $5,000 treatment coverage.

Contact our staff at 506-357-8880 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a Wellness Plan? 

    Wellness Plans are a group of preventive medicine products and services that a pet needs each year. These are offered to our clients as a package and billed monthly. Monthly billing can help you budget expenses and aids in financial planning.

    Wellness Plans are not insurance plans.  In human medicine, medical insurance (i.e. your Provincial Medicare coverage, with or without supplemental private insurance) provides all-around coverage. It can pay for hospital stays, emergency surgery, physical exams, drugs, and everything in between.  In veterinary medicine, pet insurance is used for catastrophic or traumatic injuries, but usually does not provide coverage for annual physical exams, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, routine laboratory testing and so forth. This wellness care is very important to prevent problems before they arise, improve your pet’s quality of life and help them live longer.  Wellness Plans allow you to conveniently spread the cost of these routine services out over 12 months. Wellness Plans do not cover the costs of illness-related treatments, emergency fees, or medications prescribed due to illness that may occur during the course of the Plan.

  2. What is Preventive Medicine?

    Preventive Medicine includes products and services that will help prevent future disease, or allow for earlier treatment of existing or developing disease. For example: physical exams and annual blood work can result in early detection and treatment of disease, vaccinations can prevent certain diseases from attacking your pet, etc.

  3. What different Wellness Plans are available?

    Animals (much like humans) need different types of care at different ages. We offer Plans tailored to the life stage of your pet:

    • Happy Kitten and Happy Puppy Extended Wellness Plans.
    • Young Adult Cat and Dog Wellness Plans.
    • Senior Cat and Dog Wellness Plans.

  4. What are my payment options?

    Monthly pre-authorized installment payments are made by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or VISA Debit card. Monthly installment payments will be made automatically and appear on your monthly credit card / debit statement.

  5. What do I have to pay when I sign up?

    Total due at sign up will be two monthly payments (first and last of the 12 months), including applicable taxes (HST). You complete a pre-authorized Credit Card / Visa Debit form and the remaining ten (10) monthly payments are billed automatically.

  6. What if I have multiple pets?
    • Each pet is signed up for its OWN Wellness Plan – in other words, pets cannot share Wellness Plans.
    • The food discount that is part of the Wellness Plan is available ONLY for the enrolled pet, not for other pets that you may own.

  7. What happens if I change my mind?

    If, at any time during the first 48 hours of signing up for one of our Wellness Plans, you feel you cannot proceed, all associated charges will be refunded to you. However, you will be required to pay for any products or services that were rendered on the day of enrollment or within the 48 hr period at the standard service price.

  8. Renewing a Plan, or transitioning to a new Plan.
    • Puppy or kitten Plans cannot be renewed, but you can transition to a Young Adult Dog or Cat Plan (see links to Plans above). You will be contacted prior to the end of the puppy/kitten Plan about switching to a Young Adult Plan.
    • Dogs and cats enrolled in Young Adult Plans can be renewed annually until they reach 7 years of age. At this time, they can transition to a Senior Plan. Our staff will contact you when it is time to renew or transition.
    • Plans are in effect for 12 months and cannot be renewed or transitioned before the 12th month. However, you can ask our staff to draw up the paperwork and sign the contracts for renewals or transitions at any time. The new Plan will take effect the month following the last month in the old Plan.

  9. What if I move away, or cannot continue the Plan?

    If you move, or the pet is given away, or you decide you no longer want to continue the Plan, we will calculate the invoice as follows:

    • Costs of all services/products rendered will be added together at the standard service price.
    • All payments made by you will be added together.
    • The difference will be calculated.
    • For clients who are moving, or who have given away the pet, this calculation will be used to determine whether paying out the remainder of the contract or paying out the balance in total will be less expensive for you.
    • If we owe you money, we can mail you a cheque.
    • It takes 7-10 business days to process these accounts.

  10. Why do you need my email address?

    Our doctors and staff send certain communications by email in order to reduce the amount of paper we send home with you.
    You will receive reminders by email of appointments and Plan renewal options; we will not sell your email address to anyone.

  11. How long do I have to use the services on my plan?

    One year. Wellness Plans services may not be transferred from one year to the next. One of the main reasons to give us your email address is so we can send you reminders to ensure that you get the maximum value from your Plan.

  12. Can I use the plan for services already rendered?

    Your first payment covers the month the plan is purchased; therefore, if the services covered under the plan (not including food purchases) have been used within that time frame, the cost of those services/products included in the Plan will be credited to your account. The credited amounts may be used towards pet food purchases, or other services that are outside the plan.
    For example:

    • If the plan is bought June 3rd, all services covered under the plan and rendered in June are covered.
    • If the plan is bought August 27th, all services covered under the plan and rendered in August are covered.
    • Sorry, but the discount on food purchases available under the plan cannot be back-dated to earlier in the month.

  13. How do I know what I still have on my plan?

    We will provide you with opportunities to review your plan and what you have used. Our computer automatically tracks the wellness plans, including the services you have used. We can let you know the status of your Plan at any time during regular business hours.

  14. If I have used all the services on my plan, do I still need to make the monthly payments?

    Yes – the monthly payments are what allow us to offer all these services to you. Basically we took the entire cost of all the services, and split the cost up over twelve months.
    For example:
    If you are 8 months into the plan and have used all the services in the Plan, we still need two more payments from you to cover the cost of those services.

  15. What happens if my pet uses products/services not on the plan?

    Wellness Plans include a discount on certain food products. Other services and products are charged at the standard rate with payment in full at time of service. Emergency fees, illness-related treatments/services  and medications prescribed during Wellness visits are not covered by this Plan.

  16. What if I want to pay the entire charge ‘up front’?

    Some of our clients may choose to pay everything at once so they do not need to worry about it for the rest of the year. By doing so, the total cost is reduced by the amount of the service fee ($1.25) included in the monthly payments.

  17. Can I change my payment information?

    Clients provide credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit) information for the monthly pre-authorized withdrawals. If you wish, you can change the credit card used for the monthly payments, however, we ask you to please advise us of the new credit card information at least ten (10) days before the scheduled withdrawal (usually on the 15th of the month). You will be responsible for any fees levied by financial institutions resulting from use of expired cards or declined cards.

  18. What if I fail to make monthly payments?

    The monthly installment payments are used to pay the costs of the services provided in your Wellness Plan. If you are delinquent with respect to monthly payments, we will calculate the invoice as follows:

    • Please note that if pre-authorized credit card monthly installment payments are refused by your financial institution because of ‘not sufficient funds’ or ‘NSF’, or because of your credit card has been closed, Oromocto Veterinary Hospital may be required to pay a service fee to the financing company that handles the transactions. Should an ‘NSF’ charge occur, we will add this fee to your next pre-authorized payment.
    • Should two monthly payments be returned ‘NSF’, the Plan will be cancelled. Costs of all services/products rendered will be added together at the standard service price, taking into account any payments received. Bank and/or service fees may be added where accounts are delinquent.
    • Delinquent clients will be asked to immediately pay the balance owing; failure to do so may result in additional fees and/or other steps to collect funds owed.

  19. What about taxes and other fees?

    All taxes are included in the monthly installment payments for the products/services in the Wellness Plans.