Oromocto Veterinary Hospital Newsletter

Want to Have More Time with Your Dog?

January 10th, 2016

If I told you that I knew a way to give you almost two more years with your beloved dog, would you do it? Day in and day out, I see overweight and obese dogs. Approximately 70% of my patients are overweight (and have dental disease – but that is another article!). This means that […]

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When There’s Hair, Hair Everywhere

December 10th, 2015

Shedding is usually seasonal, but factors such as diet, genetics and even temperament can all trigger it If clouds of cat hair don’t complement you, your furniture or your home, you may be among the owners looking for solutions to shedding. There’s a simple two-step prescription to tame it: a brush and a vacuum. Shedding, you see, […]

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The Oromocto & Area SPCA – A Shelter Providing Excellent Service to the Community

November 28th, 2015

Animal lovers are fortunate to live in this community.  The Oromocto and Area Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is one of the best animal shelters in New Brunswick!  This SPCA is run by a dedicated Board of Directors and a great group of Staff and volunteers. Did you know that the […]

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The Loss of a Beloved Pet

November 5th, 2015

Over the past few months, we have have had to euthanize more pets than usual. Some of our favourite and most senior patients have died, including a fantastic, soon-to-be 21 year-old orange kitty named Timber, and Trixie, a beloved Rottweiler-cross. People often say, “I couldn’t do what you do (euthanasia).” Or, they ask how we […]

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The Return of Rabies to Our Area

October 14th, 2015

You have probably heard in the last months about the cases of Rabies found in raccoons of Charlotte County. Charlotte County is just south of York, Sunbury and Queens Counties.  More recently, raccoons suspected of having Rabies have been reported from the McAdam and Pennfield areas. That is not too far away, so we need […]

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Blue Green Algae – Should I let my dog swim in the lake?

September 21st, 2015

There are five lakes in our area with Blue-green algae that are currently listed (August 2015) on the Government of New Brunswick Public Health Advisory list: Washademoak Lake, Grand Lake, Harvey Lake, Chamcook Lake, Lake Utopia and two more that are north of Edmundston. Is Blue-green algae a threat to your pets? Yes. If you […]

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Three Simple Tips To Tick Removal

September 10th, 2015

Ticks can be found anywhere on your pet’s body but usually attach near the head, neck, ears and feet. If you discover one, remove it as soon after attachment as possible, says Meryl Littman, VMD, ACVIM, at the University of Pennsylvania. “Do not cover the tick with Vaseline, gasoline or anything else beforehand. And do […]

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The CBC – Complete Blood Count – is a Key to Proper Diagnosis

August 10th, 2015

The amount of information from a simple blood test is astounding – and is the key to monitoring your pets health. Annual or semi-annual blood chemistry tests have a lot of value in keeping your pet healthy. The complete blood count test can reveal disease before signs emerge, making treatment more effective In this age […]

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Those Itchy Cat Ears ……..

June 9th, 2015

Does your cat or kitten seem to be spending more time scratching its ears? A common reason for cat owners to bring their cat to the veterinarian is otitis externa, or inflammation of the external ear canal.  The inflammation is often due to bacteria or yeast inside and around the canal that have caused an infection. […]

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Look Out for Lepto – Some Info on Leptospirosis

May 11th, 2015

  Leptospirosis (also known as ‘lepto’) is a serious bacterial disease of dogs, various animal species (squirrels, mice, rats, cows, pigs, skunks, raccoon, and others) and humans that occurs in countries around the world. In Canada, it has become an increasing concern in recent years, especially in cities and suburban areas. The main reason is thought to […]

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