Veterinary Assistant

Hello my name is Mandi! I am a veterinary assistant at the Oromocto Veterinary Hospital. I am a part time worker due to being in school. Currently I am going into my last year for a leadership degree at Renaissance College. I plan to eventually make my way to the University of Prince Edward Island to get my doctorate in veterinary medicine. Before I was hired at the Oromocto Veterinary Hospital I volunteered for about three year and completed a co-op placement here. My favorite thing about working at the Oromocto Veterinary Hospital is interacting with so many different animals dog, cats, turtles, birds, guinea pigs, and so much more. I decided to work with animals because they are great companions, but they cannot take care of themselves. I want to do the best to help owners give animals the best lives they can have. In my spare time I take my cats Jacob and Yoda for a walks or I play with them around the house.